Your Recovery Is Our Mission

Addiction healing through compassion and respect.

441 S State Rd 7 STE 15, Margate, FL 33068, United States

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(877) 357-3422

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

Addiction healing through compassion and respect.

441 S STATE ROAD 7 STE 15, MARGATE, FL 33068
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“While the greats master the body,
the greatest master the mind.”

“While the greats master the body,
the greatest master the mind.”

Lebron James

Your Recovery Is Our Mission!

We are proud to announce our partnership with

Pastor Ben Graham

Senior Pastor at Music City Baptist Church in Mount Juliet, TN.

Ben Graham gave his life to the Lord at the age of fourteen and surrendered to preach less than a year later.

He comes from a family of pastors and is a 5th generation preacher.

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Welcome To Mastermind Care

Mastermind provides guidance and direction to substance-abuse treatment facilities. The Margate office offers Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient levels of care that are specific to maintenance, and geared toward:

  • trauma

  • addiction

  • family issues

  • personality

  • relapse prevention

  • spiritual evolution

  • emotional growth

  • life skills

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Our Facility

Our Road To Recovery

Many of the services we offer are woven into psycho educational discussion groups and one-on one counseling so the individual can experience multiple weeks of treatment without repetition. We believe in the group process. Groups are designed to help individuals help themselves.

Are you ready to start recovery today and lead a happy life? It’s never too late to bid adieu to your bad habits. Mastermind Care based in Florida is a drug rehabilitation center that helps you move through a path of living. We are among the trusted prescription drug rehab centers in Florida that help you regain control of your life. Our drug and alcohol treatment in Florida will help you to free yourself from addiction. We are your go-to hub when you are desperately looking for alcohol rehab in South Florida. We provide you with a supportive environment that makes us one of the reliable drug rehab centers in Florida that you can trust.

We do provide heroin addiction treatment in Florida that strengthens your ability to quit drugs and focuses on recovery. We believe you are not alone to face your addiction. Our team of professionals is available to make sure you get exceptional residential drug treatment in Florida and start recovery right away. Our treatment specializes in assisting you to quit a bad habit and embrace change in life with rehabilitation counseling that you actually need.

Mastermind Care comes up as your trusted inpatient alcohol rehab in Florida. We help you deal with dependency on drugs to manage addiction. You can browse through our site to get a virtual tour of the rehabilitation counseling center in Florida and get started right away. Our entire team is dedicated to promoting your recovery process. Now, get in touch with us get your treatment started right at your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The transition from the addicted self to the recovering self and making the right decisions in one’s life is, by nature, problematic. Our program is designed to help the individual with the transition into a mental clarity and a drug-free life. Although a person may have an intellectual understanding of the disease and recovery, it is sometimes difficult to internalize or apply practically. Our intensive program is geared to help the individual do so.

We take a non-enabling approach. We believe that direct challenging of one’s distorted beliefs and thinking is necessary to facilitate a consistent behavioral change that is needed for long-term recovery. Rather than going from the structure of treatment to a nonstructured sober living environment, we add the additional component of a monitored residential setting. This setting helps the individual develop a sober support system in the community and engage in their own personal program of recovery through life skills.

It is our mission to provide quality long-term treatment at an affordable price. We provide a continuum of care that is intensive, and comprehensive to individuals who suffer from substance abuse and mental illness. We offer cost-effective behavioral health care services that promote cooperative working relationships with professional organizations within the community.

We are establishing a position of leadership in the delivery of private integrated comprehensive services in South Florida. Our goal is to meet the needs of our community by adapting to the ever-changing world climate.

  • Phase 1: during the first phase of our program, patients are exposed to daylong schedule of clinical activities. During phase 1, the patients’ short and long-term treatment needs are assessed and a comprehensive treatment plan is begun. Patients are closely supervised during phase 1.Day / Night with community housing treatment is designed for patients who are in need of intensive clinical services and are ready to live independently in a supportive, structured environment. Many of our patients have participated in other treatment programs and have been referred for additional intensive clinical care because they continue to lack internal resources necessary to maintain sobriety while living independently without a clean and sober community.Day / Night community housing treatment includes clinical services five days a week. Therapeutic interventions consist of a combination of psychoeducational, and process group therapy, individual counseling, and family work. Patients are assigned a primary therapist who will work with them throughout the treatment continuum. This continuity allows the therapeutic relationship to develop and continue overtime. Patients are challenged to confront their own negative behaviors and thought patterns which keep them trapped in a cycle of addiction. We encourage patients to examine their roles in the dynamics of their own family system, and how those roles inhibit their recovery. In this phase of treatment, patients are expected to try out newly learned behaviors and patterns of thinking by which they assume responsibility for themselves and their recovery.Day / Night community housing treatment also includes recovery support services and helping them to integrate, or re-integrate, into a sober lifestyle and become a contributing member of society. Services include budgeting skills, grocery shopping, food preparation, housekeeping and laundry skills, education regarding medications, exercise and healthy leisure time activities, and support connecting with a sober mentor.Phase 1 is designed to assist patients in demonstrating balance in their surprise by providing case management, 12 step meetings, and continuing care. Our inter-disciplinary team approach fosters wellness of the whole person by providing groups on health and wellness and nutrition. Patients are offered spirituality groups, yoga on-site, and gym access. Our family program is a crucial component of our treatment process. The monthly family program focuses on education, family of origin dynamics, generational reenactment and family recovery.Phase One Goals:
  • abstinence
  • exposure to self-help groups
  • awareness of recovery concepts
  • awareness of cross-generational family patterns and chemical dependency
  • Identify regressive themes
  • Gain insight into cognitive distortions, self-defeating personality traits, and defense mechanisms

Phase 2:
After demonstrating responsible behavior and a beginning commitment to recovery, they may be transitioned to the second phase of the program.
Treatment activities include group and individual therapy and daily attendance at self-help groups Such as 12 step meetings, Smart recovery, and or spiritual groups. The intensive outpatient level of care is a step down from our partial hospitalization day-night treatment in the clinical continuum of care.

In this phase of treatment, patients are challenged to utilize their sober network of sober supports within the local community. They are encouraged to integrate recovery principles in their daily activities they begin to explore vocational pursuits that challenge their character pathology and develop an aftercare plan that supports long-term recovery.

This level of care is designed to assist patients with implementing treatment and outside recovery support into their daily lives. Spirituality, yoga and gym access are also offered in phase 2 along with groups on nutrition, health, and wellness. Patients are supported to begin to focus on employment and or educational options as they transition to the real world.

According to the Group therapy is the most widely used and effective treatment modality for substance abuse. This is an integral part of our recovery process.

  1. Pre-Contemplation – Early stages when a person starts to consider they may have a problem.
  2.  Contemplation – Acceptance that the person has a problem.
  3. Preparation – Excitement about recovery and commitment to change.
  4. Action – The physical process of recovery. Vulnerability, changes in environment, open communication.
  5. Maintenance – Continuous engagement in the sober community and inner strength.

Addiction recovery is a process that may need to be given time. The focus should to think of what’s the best way to have long-term recovery to avoid relapse. The time frame for recovery varies from person-to-person, but our programs have proven to be very successful because of our approach of compassion and respect.

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This program provides personalized treatment for those that may not need full time supervision.

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This is a more diverse program that may includes a variety of addiction recovery programs.

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Our counseling & Therapy address both the physical and mental components in constructive personal and group environments.

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Your Guide To The Recovery Process

    Learn everything you need to know about the recovery process and staying sober.

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    Your Guide To The Recovery Process

      Learn everything you need to know about the recovery process and staying sober.